w/ James Waslaski, LMT

No 2013 classes scheduled at this time

**Five Day Intensive – December 5-9, 2012**
Wed. – Sun. 9am-6pm

Five Day Intensive Seminars

Advanced and extensive hands on training for the entire body, addressing sports massage, sports medicine and orthopedic massage.  They cover 30% more advanced information than the upper/lower body seminars combined, including releasing the superficial fascial front line, posturology, and the ability to tie the entire body together to sort out complicated pain patterns. Pre-event and post-event sports massage training is included.  You will learn sports injury prevention, and how to align your work with sports medicine specialists.  All conditions listed for the upper and lower body will be covered in more detail, with more emphasis on structural integration and the ability to see how one area of the body can cause compensation patterns throughout the body. We will look in greater detail at things like upper cross syndrome, lower cross syndrome, ascending pain patterns, descending pain patterns, biomechanics, and myoskeletal alignment.    40 CEU’s are awarded upon completion of this seminar.


Order Orthopedic Massage CAll to register: 1-800-643-5543

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