Clinical Foot Therapy

w/Scott Pfalzgraf, CMT, HHP

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2015 Classes
- March 7-8, 14-15
-August 1-2, 8-9
-December 5-6, 19-20

9am – 5pm


28 CEU Hours
Tuition = $495
Non-refundable Registration = $50
Total Cost= $545


Come learn the Techniques of Clinical Foot Therapy that will help to improve the lives of your clients.  Massage therapists will have tools to work with the feet and discuss foot issues.

Anatomy of the bones and muscles of the foot, leg and pelvis are reviewed.  Specific techniques to support your clients in having more foot mobility and connection to their lower body.  Integration of acupressure points, neurolymphatic points, meridians and reflexology for a comprehensive view of foot landscape.

Pathology will include plantar fasciitis, ‘twisted ankle’, corns, bunions and other common complaints.  Examination of shoes to learn patterns and how to talk to your clients about their shoes will be taught.

A self massage protocol will be taught which can be used for personal growth or teach to your clients to speed their healing process.

I look forward to seeing you in my class!


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